The phantom of the Opera Tickets

Her Majesty Seating Plan

Her Majesty’s Theatre has one of the largest auditoriums in London. It has a seating capacity of 1216 and categorised across four levels. Ticket prices of the seats vary accordingly seat for every budget or preference. Stall is the nearest section to the stage and offers some of the best views of the stage, especially if you arrange tickets in the centre of the front rows of the section.

On the contrary, if you buy tickets of the very front row then you will face viewing problems, as few ends of the rows have a somewhat obscured view. Hence, it would be advisable to pay a little for top seats. Tickets prices of Stalls section are expensive in the auditorium, but offer complete value to your money.

Next section is the Royal Circle that overhangs the Stalls section. It also offers some great seats and offer complete value for money. Ticket prices are quite similar to Stalls, but offer great view, as you will have clear view from the back of the stage in The Phantom of the Opera.

Grand circle is the second highest tier of the theatre and a great place to have a bargain ticket with a reasonable view of the stage. Tickets prices are quite low as compare to other sections of the auditorium. However, you can have a reasonable view and that at reasonable price.

Balcony is the uppermost tier in the theatre and seats are far away from the main action. Seat at very back are not recommended unless you are looking for a very cheap ticket. You will get a good view of the show, in the front few rows. There are pillars in the theatre which lead to slight restriction in the viewing of show and are generally cheaper. They are sold as restricted view.